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What medical issues can be treated with BOTOX?

BOTOX is widely used in the treatment of an array of medical conditions, including:

  • migraine headaches
  • spasticity
  • hidrosis or excessive sweating
  • Blepharospasm
  • hemifacial spasms

How is BOTOX used to treat migraine headaches?

BOTOX injections are applied to multiple areas around the head and neck. BOTOX injections have been shown to reduce the frequency of migraine headaches and to reduce the severity of symptoms when headaches do occur. A consultation would occur first to see if this is the best treatment for you. For more information:

What is the BOTOX injection process like?

The Botox injection process will vary based on the location of the injections, the condition or symptoms being treated, the severity of those symptoms and other factors. In general, BOTOX injections begin following a careful evaluation to determine the optimal placement of the injection sites. Next, the sites are carefully cleansed and if necessary, a local anesthetic may be used to numb the area. Creams and special sprays can also be used to numb the injection sites. BOTOX is injected using very fine needles so discomfort is minimal, and most patients may opt to have injections without topical or local numbing agents. Once the injection procedure is complete, it’s important not to rub the area to prevent dispersing the material outside the treatment zone. Patients can resume their normal activities right after treatment.

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